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ReCulter, ReCulterPro lime your dreams

ReCulter, ReCulterPro by BioSpiro are Polish organic-mineral agents that improve soil properties with active calcium hydrate. They instantly and safely regulate the pH of the soil. 
ReCulter The only organic limes of this kind in Poland.

BioSpiro's offer also includes a wide range of Fertilizers for foliar or soil application.

BioSpiro recommends products

ReCulterPro Polish organic-mineral agent improving soil properties with active calcium hydrate. It instantly and safely regulates the pH of the soil. It works as soon as it is applied.

ReCulter It is a fertilizer product based on natural calcium with a high degree of micronization. Made with animal by-products, safe for humans, animals and the environment.

ReCulter+ The only product of its kind on the market!
It contains 4 forms of calcium: calcium oxide CaO, calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2, calcium carbonate CaCO3 and calcium calcite CaCO3. Hyper has an active effect on the soil. 

RSM 32 is a highly concentrated, universal nitrogen fertilizer for application
pre-sowing and top dressing for winter cereals
winter oilseed rape, maize, sugar beets,
potatoes, legumes, grasslands,
as well as vegetable and fruit plants.

N-Forte S is a specialized liquid fertilizer based on a slow-acting urea and polymer formula of methylated urea, enriched with slow-acting sulfur. It is characterized by very high efficiency, both in foliar and soil application, due to its "sticky" effect.

 PoliHumik is liquid organic plant growth stimulator and soil improver. A unique formula of humic acids, fulvic acids and humins combined with natural odiuvants and boron.  It improves the nutritional status of plants and soil fertility. Replenishes boron deficiencies. 

Cropmix – foliar micronutrient fertilizer. A complex blend of essential micronutrients designed to complement a plant macronutrient nutrition program.


Discover the benefits of ReCulterPro


Comprehensive operation

It works comprehensively: it quickly and effectively deacidifies, fertilizes the soil, and supplies plants with the necessary nutrients. That is why when we talk about ReCulterPro, we mean a high-performance intelligent mineral-organic fertilizer.


Organic matter

ReCulterPro has matter organic ( 40 % ), intended for fertilizing all types of soils requiring liming, especially those poor in organic matter. The hydrate form of calcium accelerates the uptake of nutrients by plants.


pH optimisation

ReCulterPro organic-mineral lime instantly and safely regulates the pH of the soil. This state-of-the-art pH regulator works immediately after application and increases the pH of the soil within 60 days of sowing.

orgterra na pola
The manufacturer of BioSpiro confirms

ReCulterPro is effective

Good knowledge of the agricultural industry allowed the BioSpiro company from Brzeg to develop and produce ReCulterPro, which is a breakthrough solution to the problem of soil acidification.
The organic-mineral agent ReCulterPro perfectly regulates the pH Soil pH. It works immediately after application and changes the pH of the soil to the right one within 60 days, not 12 months like other calcium-organic agents...


You should go for ReCulterPro


ReCulterPro organic-mineral lime instantly and safely regulates the pH of the soil. It works immediately after application and maintains the appropriate pH.


The richness of organic matter introduced into the soil by ReCulterPro stimulates humus-forming processes and perfectly improves soil structure.


By using ReCulterPro, plants gain better access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. We can achieve better quality and high yields!


Combining deep scientific knowledge
with many years of experience of farmers.

Purchase ReCulterPro

Guarantees high yields

ReCulterPro for crops

Optimal use of ReCulterPro
(for all agronomic categories of soils)
1 – 5 t/ha (2 – 3 years)




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