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Product RSM 32

EU fertilising product:
PFC 1(C)(I)(b)(i): Simple Liquid Inorganic Fertilizer
macronutrient. Product Ingredients
CMC 1 – Ammonium nitrate (CAS 6484-52-2)
CMC 1 – Urea (CAS 57-13-6)


Acrotech Nutrient Technology

Product RSM 32 Genesis is highly concentrated, universal nitrogen fertilizer for application pre-sowing and top dressing for: winter cereals and cereals goodie rapeseed winter, Corn beets Sugar potatoes, legumes, grasslands, as well as vegetable and fruit plants.
The presence of three
forms of nitrogen in favourable proportions: nitrate (nitrate), ammonium and amide acid. Possibility application in wide range time starting from early spring terms fertilizing. smooth formula facilitating uniform application of the fertiliser.

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RSM 32 is a liquid formula that facilitates even application of the fertiliser

How to use

dose 260 – 450 l/ha

dose 330 -500 l/ha

dose 200 – 400 l/ha

Use in divided doses adapted to the nutritional needs of plants. Doses and timing of application Fertilizer should be determined on the basis of: plant demand for nitrogen (unit intake x assumed plant yield per ha), plant condition, soil properties.
Use on healthy, dry plants with good turgor. The air temperature during the treatment should not exceed 20°C, and the relative humidity should be above 60%, fertilization is best carried out on cloudy days. Use coarse spraying or spill hoses.

Benefits of using

• High yield with excellent quality parameters
• Excellent nitrogen supply to plants
• High protein content
• Acceleration of vegetation of plants shortly after application, thanks to the fast-acting nitrate (nitrate) form of nitrogen
• Increased plant resistance to stress conditions

Packing, transportation

RSM 32 It is packed into:
• steel tankers or road tankers,
• plastic containers with a capacity of 600 l and 1000 l,
• other packaging (after agreement with the recipient).

Fertilizer formula: N 32

Density: 1.32 kg/dm3 (m/m)

Total nitrogen N = 32% (m/m)
Nitrate N nitrogen = 8.0% (m/m)
Ammonium N nitrogen = 8.0% (m/m)
Namide nitrogen = 16.0% (m/m)
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